Kiri Putin

Kiri Anime


Biographical Info
Kanji 霧・プーチン
Romaji Kiri Pūchin
Alias Splash Ruler
Age 17
Gender Male
Relatives Victor Putin (Father)
Mina Putin (mother)
Alex Putin (Grandfather)
Eve Putin (Grandmother)
Weapon Sword
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa

Kiri Victorvich Putin or Kiri Putin (霧・プーチン, Kiri Pūchin) for short, is one of the protagonists of the story. He is the son of Victor Putin. Like his father, Kiri is a Chronos Ruler and is known as the Splash Ruler (澄水支配者 (スプラッシュルーラー), Supurasshurūrā).


Kiri's profile
Kiri has dark, almost bluish, hair and glasses.He is seen wearing a suit, a coat, and a scarf. He carries around his sheath, which is often wrapped in cloth.


In contrast to Viktor, he is really serious. He is always irritated by Victor's antics. Kiri wishes to return his father's memories so that he can remember he would be able to regain his more caring attitude.



Time Manipulation: Water: Kiri's power allows him to rule over the time, with his object specifically being water.

  • Slow Down: Like all other Chronos Rulers, Kiri is capable of slowing down the time of his object. Kiri most often uses this technique to create a blade of water for his sword, by freezing the time of the water to an absolute crawl. He can also create barriers with this ability.
  • Speed Up: Like all other Chronos Rulers, Kiri is capable of speeding up the time of his object. He commonly uses the ability for offense, sending water at the opponent, or to move the water around quicker.
    • Thousandfold Light Blades: Kiri surrounds his enemies with slowed down streams of water, and then speeds up their time up, causing them to cut apart the opponents.
    • Thousandfold Drop Rain: Kiri throws multiple water drops at the opponent, speeding them up to make them similar to bullets.

Master Swordsman: Kiri is a very skilled swordsmanship, specifically using Iaido, a Japanese style of swordsmanship. Kiri is able to engage Horolgrum with just his sword.


Kiri's Time Covenant

Kiri's Time Covenant

Time Covenant: An orange sphere, which grants Chronos Rulers their abilities. Kiri's Time Covenant is located on his scabbard.

Scabbard and Sheath: Kiri carries a sword sheath in a scabbard. The scabbard is also filled with water, which Kiri can turn into a blade.

Water Bottles: Kiri carries around multiple bottles of water.

Anime & Manga Differences

  • In Episode 10, when Aiks was about to finish Victor off, Victor was saved by Blaze. However, in the anime, Victor was saved by Kiri instead. In the manga, Kiri was the one who fought Raiko instead of Blaze.